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So here is the page where I am supposed to tell you a little bit about me. (Apparently this is required on a photographers website...)


Well, I live in Columbus, Ohio. I attended and graduated from The Ohio State University and after being in the workforce for several years, I have chosen to put that degree to use as a stay at home parent to our two children. (Who are currently fighting over the swing set as I type this.)


I like sports, particularly baseball, college football, and curling. (That weird sport the Canadians all play.) Hot weather, traveling, and visiting breweries are also on my list. What else....oh, yeah, photography.


Photography has always been an interest of mine. After deciding to purchase my first DSLR (fancy camera) in 2007, I have been practicing this craft ever since on a more serious level. I always have at least one camera with me, just in case that "photo op" comes along.


There is not a subject I do not enjoy to photograph, as long as I am shooting, I am having fun. So, I am sure to have fun photographing your event, wedding (special day), or family.


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